Animation. Cartoons.

Maybe you like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, RWBY, Samurai Jack, DuckTales, Adventure Time, Star vs The Forces of Evil.

Maybe you like the more classical Cartoon Cartoons. Maybe you grew up with Saturday morning cartoons and Kids WB. Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Disney XD, The Hub, Discovery Family, Nickelodeon.

Maybe you are a fan of the big theatrical releases by Disney or Pixar or more obscure studios (Laika, anyone?).

Any way you dice it, if you’re a fan of animation, we’ve got the scene for you.

Dragon Adventures is proud to announce: Welcome to Camp Cryptid! Sponsored by the Buckeye School of Magical Curiosities.

We are planning for dates sometime in the Fall of 2020 or 2021. Help us spread the word about the convention!