•• Is there an age limit? Can I bring my children? (Can I bring my parents?) ••

All ages are welcome at the convention, and there will be a wide variety of content appropriate for younger children. However, understand that some panel content may not be suitable for children. Parental guidance will be required for small children throughout the convention. See our policies page for more information.

•• Will I need to bring anything with me? ••
•• What forms of ID are acceptable? ••

You will need to provide photo identification at registration, regardless of whether you have pre-registered for the convention. You will be required to present a valid state ID prior to entering any age-restricted events. Elsewhere, a college ID or other photo ID is acceptable.

•• I don’t have an ID! ••

If you’re under 13 and have a parent or guardian with you, then you will not need identification to pick up your badge. Otherwise, you will need to find some way of proving that you’re you.

•• Can I get a refund? ••
•• My badge was registered under a different name. Is that okay? ••

Badges are non-refundable, and only the person to whom a badge is assigned may pick it up. Prior to the pre-registration deadline, you may change the name on your badge or transfer it to another prospective attendee. Contact lair@dragonadventures.net for assistance.

•• Is photography permitted? Most definitely! ••

Photographs and video taken for personal use are permitted, and we encourage you to share your photos on our Flickr group. Please consider disabling your flash when projectors are in use (e.g. during video screenings), as it is distracting. See our press and photography policy for details.

•• It would be awesome if you did (insert idea here) at BuckeyePop! ••

If you want to host a panel yourself, fill out our panelist application. Otherwise, suggest the idea on the Panels and Events channel on our discord, and maybe someone else will take your idea and run with it.

•• Will (name of guest) be at the convention? ••

We don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, so we’re not going to make any announcements about guests until we know for sure that they’ll be appearing at the convention. Conversely, we also won’t say that someone isn’t coming, because who knows what might happen between now and the convention!
Please do not attempt to “recruit” guests for us.
If you want to see someone in particular at the convention, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

•• I’m important! Can I be a VIP guest? ••

Most definitely, we would be delighted to feature more notable community members as guests! Email us a lair@dragonadventures.net and we’ll talk. If we think you’re worth it, we’ll give you at least a free VIP badge and an entry in our guest list.

•• How can I support BuckeyePop? ••

Easy! Come to our convention, bring all your friends, and have a great time. Hang out on our discord and follow us on your favorite social networks. Be creative, and be awesome! If you can’t attend you can also support us by buying a Spirit Badge.

If you have any further questions, contact us at lair@dragonadventures.net